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MAY QUEEN - Jasmine Rose Green Tea

MAY QUEEN - Jasmine Rose Green Tea

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MAY QUEEN - Jasmine Rose Green Tea

Lush & juicy. Creamy undertones. Fragrant honey-citrus bouquet

Introducing MAY QUEEN, an enchanting jasmine rose green tea blend inspired by the iconic May Queen in the mesmerizing film Midsommar. This blend will immerse you into a world where you're draped in flowers and feverishly dancing through a transformative journey to take back your power. The delicate jasmine petals and fragrant rose blossoms dance gracefully atop a base of premium green tea leaves, creating a symphony of flavors. Each sip encapsulates the ethereal essence of midsummer festivities, where nature's beauty, tradition and mysticism intertwine. Let the aromatic bouquet and sweet juicy lush top notes of MAY QUEEN transport you to the fiery spirit of the Midsommar celebration. Indulge in this exquisite tea experience, fit for a May Queen, and embrace the spellbinding essence that lies within every cup.

Green Tea- Cleansing, focused energy

Pink Rose- Protection, self-love

Jasmine- Divination, attraction

Using this as a divination tool makes this tea a spell in a cup, that you can use to create space for reflection and inspiration any time you brew it! 


8 oz tin, Net wt: 60 g

Ingredients: Jasmine green tea, rose petal, natural rose flavor.

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