My name is Cierra, I’m the sole maker over here at Teahive Apothecary.
I dream up and handcraft all of our tea blends and herbal apothecary products in  Los Angeles. I aim to provide high quality tea blends, herbal apothecary products, and ritual magic tools to infuse magic into all your daily rituals. I take great care to keep my offerings authentic, sustainable, ethical and culturally sensitive.

I grew up in the small town of Paradise, CA with a love for nature. I was raised on herbal remedies and a holistic approach to healing and spiritual connection. I have a background in small business and entrepreneurship and I’m currently studying herbalism at The Herbal Academy.

I’m working toward opening my herbal apothecary and tea shop - and I aim for it to be a safe place for community and collaboration that feels magical and inspiring every time you step in the door. In the meantime, I hope to craft products that people will love and feel empowered and inspired by, and to provide resources for people who are curious how they can use plants to create magick in their own lives!
Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about your order, or in general!

Thanks for being here 💚🙏✨