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IMMEDIATELY NO - Lavender Darjeeling

IMMEDIATELY NO - Lavender Darjeeling

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IMMEDIATELY NO -Lavender Darjeeling

A protection tea for when you've seen what you needed to see.

IMMEDIATELY NO is a protective and bold black darjeeling tea that helps you keep your feet firmly on the earth, balanced with soft creamy lavender notes to help you keep calm, cool, and collected so you can hold your ground and set healthy boundaries. 

Magickal Properties:

Darjeeling- Stability, protection, banishment of negative energies.

Lavender- Serenity, tranquility, peace and clarity of mind.

*WITCH TIP: Stir tea counter-clockwise and meditate on your intention to banish/bind from harm.


8 oz tin, net wt 6 oz

Ingredients: Organic darjeeling balck tea, lavender flowers.

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