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CHAI ME A RIVER - Vanilla Creme Chai

CHAI ME A RIVER - Vanilla Creme Chai

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CHAI ME A RIVER - Vanilla Creme Chai

Vibes like: Nostalgia for heartbreak, Lana Del Rey on vinyl, crying in the shower.

Prepare to embrace your inner emo with CHAI ME A RIVER, our new Vanilla Creme Chai. This blend brings together broody black tea with the comforting cuddles of cinnamon, the consoling sweetness of carob, and the moody gang of anise, cardamom, and clove. Spruced up with the zesty drama of orange peel, it's like your favorite emo playlist from 2006. Each sip offers a fusion of spices and sweetness, giving you all the feels.


Magickal Properties:

Black Tea- Protection

Vanilla- Love

Carob- Health

Cinnamon- Passion

Anise- Protection


Clove- Protection

Orange Peel- Divination




Ingredients: Organic Black tea, carob, cinnamon, anise, cardamom, clove, orange peel, natural cinnamon flavor, natural vanilla flavor.

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