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Blue Dream - Blue Jasmine Green

Blue Dream - Blue Jasmine Green

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BLUE DREAM - Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Jasmine Green Tea

Floral. Refreshing. Fresh earthy undertones.

The base of this tea is a delicate and refreshing jasmine green tea that gives a boost of energy and uplifting that opens the heart. Butterfly pea flower packs in the antioxidants which fight free radicals in the body and help stop/slow cell damage. Butterfly pea flower is also a nootropic and can help enhance cognitive function, creativity and motivation. 

Green Tea- Cleansing, energy

Jasmine- Love, prosperity

Butterfly Pea Flower- Stress relief, ease

This tea brews in a vibrant indigo hue, and when lemon (or any acidity) is added it transforms into a swirl of violet! This transformational tea is great for color magick! Blue represents peace, wisdom, truth, and justice---when you brew your tea meditate on these themes and what they mean for you. Then as you add your lemon, connect to the themes of purple, higher wisdom, divination, spirituality, and healing. As your tea transforms meditate on how you too can transform and heal through awareness of your inner wisdom and truth.

Using this as a divination tool makes this tea a spell in a cup, that you can use to create space for reflection and inspiration any time you brew it!


8 oz tin, Net wt: 60 g

Ingredients: Jasmine green tea, butterfly pea flower.

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